Volunteer Spotlight: Soul Kitchen

Nothing brings our communities together quite like a good meal. Managers spend a lot of time and energy ensuring there are great events, barbecues, potlucks and breakfasts on a regular basis. Tenants are encouraged to bring friends and family, and we always run out of food.


Recently we were introduced to Hannes & Louise Tischhauser, founders of Soul Kitchen. They believe that by investing in areas of hospitality, service, training people in effective and confident communication, and unlocking generosity and creative ideas they can help foster healthier and more vibrant community. Their purpose is to get others moving in that direction – to ignite a passion to become the most effective by serving others.


They volunteered their time to prepare and serve a fabulous meal at Karis Place, one of our downtown communities for singles. We are so thankful for their generosity and participation and are excited for future possibilities.


For more information about Soul Kitchen and the ministry of Hannes & Louise Tischhauser

please visit their website

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