Our Tenants


Our tenants come to us from a variety of circumstances and for a number of reasons.  From individuals to single parent families to grandparents - our communities offer a beautiful diversity that happens when different cultures and backgrounds come together.


For some, living in a More Than A Roof Housing community is simply a stepping stone.  In healthy community, people are able to stabilize and work toward life goals.  Often times difficult circumstances and poor housing conditions keep people from moving forward.  Stable, affordable housing helps to change that.  We 'do life' with our tenants and provide whatever support we can to assist them.


For others, a building in one of our communities is a place to get firmly rooted and established.  Tenants living with a disability or chronic mental illness need the security that affordable housing brings for the long term.  


If you are interested in applying for affordable housing in one of More Than A Roof Housing's communities, please visit the BC Housing Registry.






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