Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of More Than A Roof Housing functions as a "hands-on" management team that contributes generously of their leadership and management skills. The board has subcommittees that provide management and oversight in the following areas:

Administration and Finance 

Personnel & Tenant Relations

HR & Governance

New Projects

Bylaw review

Resource Development

More Than A Roof Housing's Board of Directors work closely with the executive director, associate director, director of finance, SIL coordinator and property manager. 

Lorne Epp - 1995

Executive Director

Gerry Sportack - 2001

Co-Chair of the Board

Admin & Finance


Don Kroeker - 2014

Co-Chair of the Board

Admin & Finance


DJ Devries - 2011


Marie Louise Stolz - 1995



Dave Hillhouse - 2009

PGMHS Liaison


Rachel Leng - 2014


Corey Siemens - 2014


Spencer Andres - 2017


Broek Bosma - 2017

Helmut Lemke - 1995

Director Emeritus

Past Co-Chair


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