Impact of Your Donation

Through the ongoing efforts of More Than A Roof Housing and it's contributing partners, lives are changed and significant improvements are made not only for our tenants but for the communities we are a part of.  Issues of poverty and homelessness are directly addressed and viable solutions are created for tackling the problems head on.  Here are just some of the ways your donations are helping to make a difference.

The Next Step  Financial Management Program


Tenant Involvement

Each individual or family comes to us in some degree of need.  Dedicated staff are available to help bring stability and foster a sense of belonging.  Through tenant involvement funds, More Than A Roof is able to attend to specific financial needs for tenants when they arise.  Sometimes it is emergency monies for food or help with basic household needs when a family flees their situation and come to us with nothing.  Or it may simply be helping to send a child to summer camp who otherwise may not have the opportunity to go.  Your contributions help us to support the varying needs of our tenant populations in practical and meaningful ways.


Community Development

Creating community is something we value.  Whether involved in the building of a brand new complex or using funds for tenant barbecues, family outings or hosting a community kitchen day, your support helps provide people with a sense of belonging.  Every opportunity to bring our tenants together strengthens our communities as well as the individuals and families in them.  


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