How long is the wait to get into one of your affordable housing communities?

More Than A Roof Housing works closely with BC Housing and the Housing Registry to ensure that those individuals and families that need housing the most are placed in priority sequence.  Since the Housing Registry waiting list is structured this way, we are not able to predict the length of time any one will spend waiting for housing.  MTR does endeavour to give priority placement to individuals and families that have specifically requested MTR communities while keeping priority sequence in mind.


How can I be considered for placement in one of your addiction recovery or mental health units?

More Than A Roof Housing offers a limited number of addiction recovery support units and mental health units in our downtown communities for singles, as well as on the North Shore.  All referrals for these units come directly through Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.


Do you allow pets?

More Than A Roof Housing has a No Pets policy in each of their communities.  This includes dogs, cats and rabbits.  MTR does allow fish, birds and pets that are confined to cages only. 


What is a Crime Free Addendum?

More Than A Roof Housing attaches a Crime Free Addendum to all Tenancy Agreements.  This addendum outlines specifically that unlawful activities of any kind will not be tolerated.  This ensures all of our communities are safe for the individuals and families in them.  


How much is rent in your communities?

Rent is calculated two ways.  1.  For those on income assistance a flat rent is charged based on the shelter portion they receive.  2.  For all others rent is calculated at 30% of the gross household income, a minimum rent is in effect.

There are a limited number of units that offer Low End of Market rent.  Please visit our Communities page for more information.


As a developer, how are you different from Habitat for Humanity?

Habitat for Humanity is a non profit organization that makes it possible for people to participate in home ownership.  More Than A Roof Housing develops new, affordable housing communities for rental only.  BC Housing provides subsidies that keep the rents affordable for people.  


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