Values & Guiding Principles


We believe safe, affordable housing communities to be a key factor in bringing stability, security and an improved quality of life to many individuals and families who, by circumstance, are vulnerable.


We seek to affirm the dignity and worth of the whole individual through the provision of stable, affordable housing in a healthy community setting.  In meeting physical need, we seek to give the individual opportunity for mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and empowerment.


We value generosity in meeting the needs of others.  By providing the initial voluntary giving of time, skills, money and management, we begin to foster healthy communities.


We value individual relationships as a key building block of community and positive change.


We believe each person has a unique contribution and place in their community.  We encourage people to take their place and contribute to a community that is supportive, respectful and caring.


We value our Christian faith as an integral part of all we do.  Our faith serves as an inexhaustible spiritual resource and motivation to provide affordable housing for people regardless of their race, religion, age, cultural background or physical capabilities.


In light of our vision and mission, we want to be held in high regard

by our tenants who, in many ways, rely on our service

by our volunteers and donors who trust us with their contributions

by our employees who provide their skill and commitment

by those who fund our activities and trust our management and oversight

by our suppliers and the partners we do business with


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