1992 Richmond & N. Van

In 1992 Dockside Village became the second community built by MCCSHS.  As with other social housing developments, the municipality sells the land where a community is built to the Provincial Rental Housing Corportation (PRHC) which is the holding company for BC Housing.  Through a 35 year operating agreement, MCCSHS retains leasehold ownership that gives them the responsibility to manage a public trust but not gain equity from the property.

Dockside was named for its proximity to the docks of the historical Fraser river fishing village of Steveston.  Dockside Village presented some construction challenges as the complex was built atop a peat bog.  This meant the parking garage needed to be above ground and the homes built above that.  Thought was given to creating separate meeting areas within the community where tenants and their children gather.  Three distinct play areas mean kids of all ages have something to do.

1992 was also the year our society became involved in housing based health care in North Vancouver for those struggling to manage mental health.  Our role provides housing and support services to people managing a mental illness and assists them in achieving independence and an improved quality of life.  The program has expanded and now each of our more than 100 clients has a caseworker who monitors progress, and in some instances Community Living Support Workers are assigned to tenants depending on their need.

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