1980's British Columbia

During the early 1980's as housing policies were being restructured at a political level, supply of rental housing for those most in need was critically low and the number of homeless poor was increasing.  In response to this housing crisis a small group of colleagues banded together to consider what they could do to address the growing issues of homelessness and poverty.  


These business people wanted to use their skills and expertise from their work in the construction and development industries on a practical level.  They worked to form a small society called the Mennonite Central Committee Social Housing Society (MCCSHS).  In 1984 they purchased three lots in east Vancouver at the corner of Charles Street and Woodland near Commercial Drive.  They assembled the lots together into one large parcel and set about proposing the sale of the land to the City of Vancouver.


The City purchased the land and then leased it back to the society.  It became the location for the construction of the first ever social housing development for MCCSHS, Charleswood Court.

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