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A Welcome Message from our Director


Thank you for visiting the More Than A Roof web site. We're pleased to have you as our guest and hope that browsing through our site will give you a deeper understanding of our organization. 


Our focus on being "More Than A Roof" captures in a simple phrase the very essence of our society's Vision and Mission. Sometimes it means helping a young single mom cope with the intense pressures of poverty and parenthood. Sometimes it means bringing dignity, care and friendship to someone who lives with the terrors of a mental illness. It could be an unhesitating welcome to a refugee family fleeing brutal oppression and hardship of a third world country, or accepting those who are homeless and hungry.


Our work flows from the rich traditions and social teaching of the Mennonite faith community and is grounded in the precept that true faith results in responsible acts of compassion towards those in need. Our assistance is offered to all in need without regard to religion, ethnicity, race or nationality. 


The cost of caring is high and the work we do to alleviate poverty and homelessness would not be possible without your support. For more information on how you can participate in this cause, I invite you to visit our donate page.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn more about how we build hope through housing. In sharing the needs we also share our conviction, passion and vision that together we can make a difference.


Lorne Epp

Executive Director


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